Welcome to functional web testing with CubicTest!

CubicTest is a graphical Eclipse plug-in for writing Selenium and Watir tests. It makes tests faster and easier to write, and provides abstractions to make tests more robust and reusable.

CubicTest's test editor is centered around pages/states and transitions between these pages/states. The model is intuitive for both Ajax and traditional web applications and supports most user interaction types.

CubicTest featres an innovative test recorder and test runner based on Selenium RC which are fully integrated with the graphical test editor. Tests can also be run standalone from Maven 2.

CubicTest is a tool hosted at OpenQA.org and has its main homepage there.


Source code moved to github
27. February 2011

The source code of CubicTest has moved to github! This makes collaboration with contributors easier.
The CubicTest wiki (Confluence) has moved to OpenQA.

Discussion Forum Moved to Google Groups
6. April 2010

Check out the new google group cubictest-users!
The content from the old OpenQA forum has been migrated (in line with the Selenium discussion forums being migrated to google as well).

CubicTest 2.0.3 has been released
14. March 2010

New features:

  • Custom Test Step support in the recorder
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements (see Release Notes)
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How to upgrade from a previous version

CubicTest 1.9.6 has been released
2. July 2009

New features:

  • Custom Test Step definitions can now request auto wait for page to load before entering the step.
  • More robust page element identification: Contexts now uses child elements for identification.
  • Many bug fixes and usability improvements (see Release Notes)
To upgrade, first uninstall the previous version.
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CubicTest 1.9.2 has been released
10. February 2009

New features:

  • Now fully configurable JUnit test runner (set browser type, selenium server, multiwindow, capture screenshots etc).
  • Custom Test Step Element Context now accessible from JUnit (allows for more stateful tests).
  • Now possible with custom test flow using JUnit - keep test browser open and launch any tests you want, e.g. using branches and loops in Java/JUnit.
  • Many bug fixes and usability improvements.
CubicTest downloads, Release Notes

CubicTest 1.8.11 has been released
13. November 2008

New features include Custom Test Suites (launch and setup cubic tests from JUnit), support for Firefox 3, editor support for setting name on user interactions, Opera support in the recorder as well as many bug fixes and usability improvements.
CubicTest downloads, Release Notes

CubicTest 1.8.6 has been released
12. June 2008

Added new Custom Test Step feature that lets you write all the custom Selenium RC code you want, new runner (now Eclipse Launch Configuration, which makes it possible to e.g. run test in background and debug Custom Test Steps), HTML frame support, internationalissation support in tests, HTML source and screenshot capture of failing test, bug fixes and usability improvements.
CubicTest downloads, Release Notes

CubicTest 1.8.2 has been released
5. February 2008

Bug fixes and usability improvements.
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CubicTest 1.8.1 has been released
30. January 2008

Added refactoring support, better parameterization possibilities, better maven 2 runner, possible to record from (or run test to) selected Page/State, upgraded to Selenium 0.9.2, support for multiple browsers in Selenium runner, now possible to use "begins with", "contains" and "ends with" in identifiers. Usability improvements and bug fixes. Changed license to Eclipse Public License
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CubicTest 1.7.11 has been released
4. November 2007

Usability improvements and bug fixes. Added Watir test runner.
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CubicTest 1.7.8 has been released
14. August 2007

Bug fixes. Now comes with new documentation
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CubicTest 1.7.6 has been released
28. June 2007

New: Test-project properties file for editing timeout values etc., better usability, bug fixes, improved Maven 2 plugin, better test parameterization support.
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CubicTest 1.7.5 has been released
18. June 2007

New: Selenium RC Runner, Selenium Core Export, Selenium RC Recorder, CubicTest Maven 2 Plugin, Smart Contexts, better element identificatoin, lots of usability improvements and bug fixes. Now possible to download a rich client version.
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Page/state concept
A uniqe page/state concept that lets you model your application as a graph of states.
Record your tests directly from Firefox into the editor.
Run your tests instantly, using your favorite browser. No instrumenting of target application necessary.
Page element identification
Identify page elements based on context and multiple identifiers for robust identification of page elements.